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Click below to here to listen to Rodney Jordan and Christian Fabian on Conversations hosted by Jason Heath 

Upcoming duo release with Christian Fabian

Conversations album to be released July 13, 2021.  Listen to a sample.


  • "Rhythm and Elegance"–Tom Haugen

  • "Because the music is just that good!"–D McNeil

  • "Orchestrally magnificent"–Anne Carlini

  • "A very, very good job!"–aajazz

  • "If you like the bass, you’re going to love this album"–Michael Doherty

  • "Conversations stands out as one of the most unique additions to this year’s field of new jazz albums"–Phil's Picks

  • "MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, score 5.00, best bass duo album”–Rotcod Zzaj

  • "This is the real deal, a solidly original tour de force"–Chris Spector

  • "To the listeners out there, this CD is a great example that two can make great music!" – Ron Carter

  • On Spice Rack Records, recorded @ Mozart Studio by Kostadin Kamcev mixed by Gates Thomas, mastered by Steve Hunt @ The Kitchen


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